Tyre Puncture-Inducing Factors

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Nobody likes to have a tyre puncture when riding a motorcycle because it is a horrible experience. Here, we’ll examine every potential factor that could lead to a tyre puncture as well as a workable fix. Punctures could also happen due to tyre ageing / manufacturing defects like Tyre Swelling, Broken tyre, Side crack, Bubble and tread separation. Now let’s see it more clearly.

 Factors That Cause Tyre Puncture

 Roadside Sharp Items

 Sharp things like glass fragments, nails, screws, or jagged stones might cause damage to the tyres while you’re riding. Through the tread patch, which is in touch with the ground, these things can pierce through the tyre.

Damaged Tread Patch

 The tyre is more vulnerable to punctures if you use it for longer than it was intended to be used or if the tread patch wears down past the specified level. Additionally, the tyre may have ongoing air loss from tiny hidden cracks.

 Valve Stem Damage

 In order to fill the tyre with air, both tube-type and tubeless tyres are equipped with a valve stem somewhere on their inner circle. The valve stem’s deterioration, such as corrosion, blockage, or breaking, might limit the tire’s ability to retain air.

 Tyre Over-Inflation

 The risk of a tyre blowing due to prolonged riding increases when the tyre is inflated above the pressure levels advised by the motorbike or tyre manufacturer. It can be fatal since it can cause an imbalance when riding and permanently punctures the tyre. https://tvseurogrip.com/why-tvseurogrip/

Leakage Of Air from The Tyre Bead

 The side of the tyre that rests along the circumference of the wheel, known as the tyre bead, has a potential of letting air inside the tyre escape. Usually, it’s because the tyres aren’t mounted properly on the wheel.

Wheel Breakage or Bending

The steel or alloy wheel may flex or crack in the region near the tyre bead if you ride over a large, deep pothole or are involved in a collision or accident. As a result, the tire’s air pressure may begin to drop. Such a situation may result in a potential tyre puncture.

Is it possible to completely prevent a bike tyre puncture?

There are ways to prevent minor tyre punctures, even though the impacts of a tyre puncture hole are unavoidable. The selection of tubeless bike tyres from TVS that are puncture-safe are the ideal solution for this scenario.

TVS puncture-safe tubeless tyres have a special sealant that was developed in-house. When a nail or screw smaller than 2.5mm in size pierces a tyre, the sealant plugs the hole as soon as the foreign object is removed from the tyre, preventing any air escape. resulting in a hassle-free, uninterrupted travel. https://tvseurogrip.com/product-category/two-wheeler/

There are times when the tyre won’t show age. That is, you won’t be able to spot any visible cuts and cracks. However, according to tyre makers, the maximum age of a tyre is 5 years. The time and unnecessary effort needed to locate the closest puncture repair facility and have the bike tyre puncture repaired are reduced by the puncture-safe bike tyres. One might still need to go to the puncture repair shop in more extreme circumstances, though. The puncture-resistant tyres are offered for all popular motorcycles in India. Check here to see if your bike’s tyres are puncture resistant. For more information visit, https://tvseurogrip.com/tyre-guide/


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