How to Dealing with loose Doorknobs

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Keys are like a guardians of the house.

If it is damaged, home security is guaranteed. Even lock damage can also make it difficult for all family members, for example, a broken lock in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

Therefore, the broken key becomes one problem which must be addressed immediately. You can call Mobile Locksmith Metropolitan Lock Service to Dealing with loose Doorknobs

Summarizes the problems surrounding locks that often occur at home and the following solutions.

Lock Jam


The lock cannot be opened even though the key has been turned and the door handle pressed. What is the solution, without breaking the door because it will damage the door frame.


Several things can cause the door to “stuck” or be difficult to open, including the entry of foreign objects or dirt into the lock housing (cylinder) or the occurrence of rust in the mechanical door lock system.

Another cause is a weak, damaged, or broken spring or door lock mechanical spring.

It can also happen because the bolts and door lock holders are rocking, the operation of the key to the cylinder is not right but forced, the door lock is old, and other mechanical reasons.

The way to open a door without having to break it down is to use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer (or any metal object that is thin enough to be hit on the end).

Then, locate the door hinges and lubricate the gaps that are open.

Tap or strike the hinges with a hammer until all bolts are exposed and the hinge is released from the housing.

When all the hinges are released, then you can pry the door bit by bit.

Broken Cylinder


The key has entered the cylinder and turned, but the door won’t lock, what’s the reason and how to fix it?


This happens because the lockcase is damaged and the solution is to replace the cylinder/lockcase.

Loose Doorknob


The key handle is loose, either because the frame is problematic or the key is indeed damaged.

Can it be repaired without having to buy a new one?


The cause of this doorknob loose is because it is not installed or the installation is not correct.

Dealing with loose doorknobs can be done in this way.

  • First, remove the doorknob or lock housing and door leaf.
  • Second, observe the damage, if it looks damaged (broken, worn, or loose), plug the iron connecting the door handle into the keyhole.
  • Third, insert the metal plate in the gaps between the connecting iron and the inside of the keyhole on the door handle.
  • Fourth, make sure the metal plate is tightly squeezed in the gaps and the connecting iron doesn’t wobble anymore. Finally, put the doorknob back on and move it. If it works as it should, it means the door handle is not broken anymore.

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