In this blog article we’re going to talk about proper fluid levels and your motor oil, your brakes as in hydraulic brake fluid and your coolant in your radiator and reservoir.

First things first, if you look at your brake reservoir you will see a lower and an upper mark on them or some of them just have ticks. The best thing to do is keep it filled up to the highest point. Another way that indicates that you have low brake pads is if your fluid level is low then that is a possible sign that you need new brake pads. And the front brakes are the same way, you have a front and back reservoir. It’s the same, same amino for that.

What you desperately need to keep in mind is the oil of your motor which is the life blood basically. If you don’t keep your oil clean then you are going to get less life out of your motor. And you need it at the proper level. A lot of bikes have side glass windows with tick marks, a low and a high, the best way or the best thing to do is to keep your oil level right below or at the highest tick mark. You don’t want your oil level past that because what will happen is oil will go into your air box and fill

up your crank case breather which creates a whole big mess.

Your coolant on these motorcycles is very important and what’s also important is to not check them when they’re hot because they’re under high pressure. A lot of these bikes have reservoirs with again a high and a low mark. You want to make sure that it’s at least at the half way mark. On there, the reservoirs are always in different spots on motorcycles but in order to check your radiator fluid level in your bike, is to look at your radiator while the motor is cool, pull your cap and make sure it’s filled all the way to the top.

If that’s the case and it’s good to go then look at your reservoir, make sure that it’s between the high and the low mark and just keep that in mind. Keep an eye on that, if you overheat your motor you can be looking at serious money and serious damage. So it’s always a good idea to keep in mind,

your fluid levels on your motorcycle.

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