5 Motorcycle Variants that will Trend at the End of the Year

In 2019, it is possible that motorbike vehicle manufacturers will be a little braked in releasing new products. The reason is that in 2019 it will be a political year so that the release of new product activities may be delayed after the election. A number of products have been queuing when in neighboring countries have been sliding and are being prepared to launch the final quarter of 2019.

For some motorcycle manufacturers, new products can increase penetration and competition. Yamaha and Suzuki have new champions to increase market share, currently there are many Suzuki motorcycles dealers and also Yamaha dominating. The following are possible new products that will launch by the end of 2019:

1. Yamaha MT-15

The Yamaha motorbike sporting the naked style of the MT family has slid in the white elephant country last November. Yamaha MT-15 adopts a typical MT strong body with mysterious alien-like headlights. In the kitchen runway sector, bare handlebar motorcycles will rely on the same engine used by the latest Yamaha R15 which is a 155cc SOHC liquid cooled with VVA technology.

2. Suzuki GSX-R250

In the 250cc sport motorbike class, Suzuki is the most left behind and has no hero. This Japanese manufacturer certainly does not want to keep quiet, especially with supersport 300 racing in Europe, almost all manufacturers are down except Suzuki because they do not have products in that class. The news that the engine will be used by two cylinders is similar to its competitors. In the naked bike segment the Suzuki Gixxer 250 is said to be using a single cylinder engine.

3. Honda PCX Electric

The Honda PCX Hybrid is the way to prepare Honda for a vehicle that is low in emissions, aka an electric motorbike. At present, the government is still brewing about the rules of electric vehicles. In Japan, Honda PCX Listrik is ready and marketed. Even Thailand has already planned to sell it this year. Chances are Astra Honda Motor will catch up with this future product.

4. Yamaha Nmax

The age of Yamaha Nmax, which has reached the age of 4 years, of course, is an age that deserves a facelift. At the beginning of 2018, Yamaha had indeed tasted Yamaha Nmax with the use of tube suspension, and changes to the speedometer design. Only, this improvement is not enough to be able to maintain the throne in the 150cc large automatic segment. Especially nowadays, Honda already has a local PCX 150 champion who has a pretty good penetration.

5. Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki continues to monitor the development of sales and automatic markets. Actually it is not difficult for Suzuki to prepare automatically in the 150cc capacity segment. Suzuki has Burgman from 200cc to 650cc. In India, Suzuki has released a 125cc Suzuki Burgman Street with a gambot body. But Suzuki officials revealed several times still focused on the entry level automatic segment that the market is considered promising.

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